Facing Addiction with NCADD is dedicated to turning the tide on America’s addiction epidemic, unifying the voices of the 45 million American families directly affected, through:

  • Education to transform misconceptions surrounding this issue;
  • Information and tools to help those who are or someday may be struggling;
  • System changes to drive a comprehensive public health response, and
  • A movement that will inspire these changes and provide needed funding.

Our Vision

To prevent and reduce the human and social costs of addiction every year until this crisis is eliminated.

Our History

The merger of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and Facing Addiction brought together the rich, nearly 75-year history of NCADD and the unparalleled coalition that launched Facing Addiction on October 4, 2015.  Today, Facing Addiction with NCADD is a leading advocacy organization in America addressing addiction, with over 800 Action Network Partners, 70 Affiliate organizations, and a national voice of grassroots advocacy.

Our visionary founder, Marty Mann, understood that addiction was an illness that must be treated as a public health problem.  Her vision, forged in 1944, has led to the following framework:

  • Addiction is a health problem.
  • People with the illness of addiction can be helped and are worth helping.
  • Addiction is a public health problem and, therefore, a public responsibility.

Facing Addiction in America Today

Despite its devastating impact, addiction is preventable and treatable, and recovery is very real – as witnessed by more than 23 million Americans – and it is not inherently fatal.  Think about that:  No one should die from addiction or overdoses, yet this has become the leading cause of death for people in America under 50 years of age.  It is time for all of America to begin Facing Addiction…now.

Board of Directors

  • James L. Abernathy: Chairman and CEO of The Abernathy MacGregor Group
  • Michael Ballue, CADC II, BSBA: Director of Family Health Services for Behavioral Health Services
  • Joyce V. Bracey, M.Ed.: Executive Director of the Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans
  • Sharon Burden, CEAP, SAP, NCAC II: Executive Director of Alcohol & Addictions Resource Center, South Bend, IN
  • Julie Dostal, Ph.D.: Executive Director of the LEAF Council on Alcoholism and Addictions Oneonta, New York
  • Hal Hathaway: Senior Lease Consultant, Thornhill Properties, Inc
  • Benjamin S. Heldfond: Founder BenHad Properties, LLC and ATJJJ Holdings, LLC
  • Todd Hollander: Private Investor
  • Judi M. Kosterman, PHD: Senior Vice President of the Newport Brain Research Lab/ Brain Treatment Centers
  • Andy Pucher: Former Vice President, Global Operations Management, Walt Disney Company
  • John Silverman: Owner, SilverSEAL Corporation
  • Theo Spencer: Senior Policy Advocate at the Natural Resource Defense Council
  • Juliana Terian: Businesswoman and Non-Profit Advisor
  • Janet Zagorin: Client Service Officer at Sidley Austin LLP

Facing Addiction Staff

  • Hal Hathaway: Interim CEO
  • Michael King: Director of Outreach & Engagement
  • Leah Brock: Director of Affiliate Relations
  • Ivana Grahovac: Director of Advancement
  • Laszlo Jaress: Director of Digital Operations
  • Aisha Waheed: Director of Administration & Operations
  • Paul Warren: Executive Assistant

Facing Addiction Advisory Committee

  • Susan Broderick: Director of National Juvenile Justice Prosecution Center at Georgetown University
  • Justin Cohen: Founder of RecoveryAid
  • Thomas Cook: Senior Managing Partner & CEO of Thomas Cook & Associates
  • Don Fertman: Chief Development Officer of Subway World Headquarters
  • Carol McDaid: Principal of Capital Decisions, Inc.
  • Stacia Murphy: Former NCADD President & Faith Leader
  • Justin Luke Riley: President & CEO of Young People In Recovery
  • Tym Rourke: Director of SUD Grantmaking for New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  • Terry Meyerhoff Rubenstein: Director, Meyerhoff Family Office – Baltimore, MD

For more information on Facing Addiction Inc. please contact us here: