About the Action Network

The Facing Addiction Action Network is a coalition of organizations that represent diverse areas of interest across the spectrum of substance use and addiction issues. From recovery community organizations to family advocacy groups, prevention and education networks, public health agencies, labor partners, faith leaders and many more, Action Network members stand in support of the Facing Addiction Advocacy & Action Agenda. It is through the strength of these tremendous partners that Facing Addiction will execute our agenda and promote real solutions to the addiction crisis.

Organizing Principles

  • We are committed to the inclusion of all diverse representations of culture and experience across all affected families, groups and communities.
  • We are committed to improving public health and safety while addressing discrimination and other harmful barriers to treatment and recovery.
  • In the spirit of bottom-up organizing, we seek to mobilize families, friends and new and existing constituencies to build, broaden, and strengthen our base.
  • We partner with a broad and expanding base of stakeholders that are able to demonstrate interest in, support for, and a shared commitment to working together in solidarity to our common cause, supporting solutions to addiction and the harms of alcohol and other drug use that are based on science and compassion, not stigma and shame.

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Facing Addiction Action Network