Addiction Recovery Leadership Project


Brett Smiley

“Through the ongoing process of recovery, I have stayed grounded and built a personal support network that helps me meet any challenge.  This perspective has been critical as we make decisions that truly impact the lives of others.” – Brett Smiley, Chief of Staff to RI Governor Gina Raimondo


Do you believe people in recovery like you have something unique to offer your local, state, or federal government?  Have you thought you could make things better if you had a seat at the table yourself?  Think you can improve government by working for an elected official?

If so, the Addiction Recovery Leadership Project is for you!

The Addiction Recovery Leadership Project is a project of Facing Addiction in partnership with Foundation For Recovery.  We are a talent bank for people openly in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs seeking opportunities to improve government policies and processes.  We invest in you by providing opportunities for leadership development – teaching you everything from how to write a resume for public service to how to craft your personal narrative including your own recovery story.  We give you access to current and former government officials who can tell you what public service is like, and give you tips for your own search and journey.  And we work with elected officials to help them understand why hiring someone like you – a person openly in recovery – adds a critical voice with lived experience to the policy making table at your local, state, and federal government. Follow this link to apply today.


Marty Boldin

“Those of us in recovery have a unique and valuable perspective that can aide all manner of government and civic discourse.” – Marty Boldin, Policy Advisor to NH Governor Chris Sununu


Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, if you have ever considered public service, now is the time to share your expertise and give the addiction recovery community a voice at the table.  Appointed positions in government exist at all levels.  The federal government has almost 5,000 appointed positions, from agency heads and bipartisan board members to schedulers and press assistants, and governors, mayors, and other elected officials often make hundreds of appointments as well. Apply today.


Tony Sanchez

“My lived experience has been invaluable!  We need the voice of recovery in all sectors of public service.” – Tony Sanchez, Director of the Office of Recovery Transportation, Georgia


People in recovery can serve in positions where they directly impact the addiction crisis in their own community, and support people in recovery.  But even if you want to work in a different field, your lived experience is an asset.  No matter what subject matter you work on, your voice at the table will help everyone in government have a better understanding of people in recovery.  And that will help all of us. Follow this link to apply.


Valerie Miller

“Being in recovery is the asset that has made me successful in government.  Recovery has made me a better leader.  It’s taught me to approach my job as service to others, and how to understand what is in my control to do, and what isn’t.” – Valerie Miller, former Chief of Staff to the Under Secretary of the Army


Applying to be part of RLP gives you a chance to learn about relevant public service opportunities, sharpen your skills, and build your network.  If you’re interested in learning more, apply by answering some basic questions and sending us your most recent resume.  The Facing Addiction team will be in touch with you soon.

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