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Families of Loss

A critical component of Facing Addiction with NCADD‘s mission is to never forget the hundreds of thousand of families who lose a loved one to this horrific illness every year. They are the terribly unlucky ones; the families of loss. Their journeys did not end with hope and gratitude; instead, their worlds stopped when they paid the ultimate price of losing their child or some other loved one to addiction. There are, unfortunately, millions of families of loss in America who, despite their pain, desperately want to do their parts to help end our addiction and overdose crisis. We are humbled by their selfless dedication, and are deeply committed to doing all we can to bring these amazing families together to create a unified, powerful voice and force to finally turn the tide on this crisis.

You will be seeing more about how we hope and intend to support families of loss going forward here on our website and in social media. In the interim, if you have ideas about programs or initiatives you would like to launch in conjunction with Facing Addiction with NCADD, please reach out to us.

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On average, over 13,070 daily doses of opioids per year more than their unpaid colleagues.


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