Grassroots Advisory Council


From the beginning, Facing Addiction has placed enormous stock in the power of the grassroots to initiate and implement change in our communities. It was the grassroots that came together in mass on the National Mall on October 4, 2015, to end the silence at the UNITE to Face Addiction rally. It was the grassroots who marched up to Capitol Hill the following day to push for passage of the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act. The grassroots stepped up yet again to help prevent the dismantling of the expanded addiction treatment coverage, to avoid a justice-oriented person with severe conflicts of interest to serve as the Director of White House Drug Policy, and has called Congress and attended their local town halls on numerous occasions.

The grassroots are the heart of this movement.

Moving forward we have formed a volunteer Grassroots Advisory Council – to further develop grassroots engagement activities aimed at continuing to build momentum for policies that will save lives. The Council is made up of members of the Facing Addiction Action Network, who believe that change starts with people standing up and speaking out.

The Grassroots Advisory Council:

  • Is made up of Action Network Partners
  • Meets monthly via conference call
  • Provides feedback and thoughts on new grassroots engagement opportunities for activists across the country
  • Helps develop the weekly calls to action for the Facing Addiction Activist Program
  • Commits to amplifying all of Facing Addiction’s grassroots calls to action

If you are interested in participating on the Facing Addiction Grassroots Advisory Council, please email our Director of Outreach & Engagement, Michael King, at [email protected].