Bringing hope and help to the 1 in 3 households impacted by addiction, and all those who might be in the future.

Open hearts and minds by ending the stigma, shame, and misinformation around addiction.

Help loved ones currently suffering get the support they need to lead full lives in recovery.

Prevention programs that work; more effective treatment; and end the criminal justice response.

Why We Face Addiction

Our Impact

Awareness and Education


Free Tools and Resources

  • In Partnership with Transforming Youth Recovery, launched the Addiction Resource Hub, an unbiased – and unparalleled – resource of over 18,000 assets for those seeking help or information regarding any aspect of prevention, treatment, or recovery
  • Established the Pilot Community Project in 15 cities, creating integrated approaches to addressing addiction issues in local communities around the country
  • Released a powerful Substance Use Prevention, Screening, and Early Intervention convening guide with the support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, to facilitate structured conversations on implementing evidenced-based prevention and early intervention tools


Grassroots Engagement and Support

  • Organized 400+ citizen visits to Capitol Hill on October 5, 2015 – an unprecedented advocacy day – to meet with elected representatives that helped lead to the passage of The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act – the first piece of standalone federal legislation on addiction in over 40 years
  • Brought together over 700 organizations, reaching 35+ million people – the largest and most diverse coalition ever assembled in this space – in support of Facing Addiction’s Action Agenda
  • Hosted the first-ever addiction caucuses at both national political conventions – the audience for which exceeded 2 million people on live stream and social media


There is Still More Work To Be Done!

“We must recognize that addiction is not a moral failing. It is a chronic illness that must be treated with skill, urgency and compassion”

— Vivek H. Murthy
19th U.S. Surgeon General

How You Have Helped Fulfill Our Mission

90.4% of the resources went to fulfilling the programs of Facing Addiction, while only 9.6% has been spent on administration, general expenses, and fundraising.

Bloomberg Philanthropies and The Facing Addiction Board have come together to offer a dollar for dollar match up to $150,000 if you make a gift before December 31st!

To grow the reach and impact of Facing Addition’s Programs we ask you consider joining our growing base of sustaining monthly donors:

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With Gratitude

Just 30 years ago, most people thought HIV/AIDS – another highly stigmatized illness – was insurmountable. The progress that has been made since the “AIDS Quilt Moment” on the National Mall in 1987 is breathtaking. America has faced other health crises throughout our history and each time has found ways to dramatically reduce their impact.

Our vision is to make similar progress in overcoming the addiction crisis in America – even more quickly. Less than two years since Facing Addiction’s founding on the National Mall we have accomplished an incredible amount - and we couldn’t have done it without you. We are deeply grateful for your support, and will continue to work tirelessly to help those who are suffering find sustainable paths to recovery, end the loss of lives to addiction, and prevent others from becoming addicted.