Letter to Editor Campaign

One of the leading roadblocks to better public policy around addiction and recovery is the stigma attached to substance use disorders. Whether you are a person in long-term recovery, a family member who lost a loved one, a prevention leader, public health official, harm reduction advocate, faith leader, labor union member or educator, you have a unique story to tell.

Our new coast-to-coast, letter-to-the-editor campaign will help you, your family and friends address the issue of stigma in your community. Your letter, outlining your personal experience with laptop_line_artaddiction and including one or more of our talking points, can make a huge impact.

The form below will allow you to draft your letter. (If you’d like help with wording, here are three samples: Example 1Example 2  and Example 3. DO NOT plagiarize these letters but simply use them as templates for creating your own. The intent of this campaign is to create awareness and humanize addiction so it is important that you personalize your letter in your own words. Read published Letter 1 and Letter 2.)

Please keep your letter to 250-300 words–the more concise it is, the more likely the newspaper will publish it. In order to show your community that Facing Addiction is working to find real solutions to this crisis, please include one or more of the following:

  • Facing Addiction is a national non-profit organization dedicated to finding solutions to the addiction crisis by unifying the voices of the more than 45 million Americans and their families directly impacted by addiction.
  • Facing Addiction’s vision is to bring together the best resources in the field to reduce the human and social costs of addiction, every year, until this public health crisis is eliminated.
  • To learn more and to sign up for updates on what is happening nationally to tackle the addiction crisis, visit www.FacingAddiction.org.

Thank you for your participation in helping us humanize addiction, for both the afflicted and the affected!

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