UNITE to Face Addiction Performer Lineup

WASHINGTON – The first-ever rally/event for addiction and recovery awareness will feature musical performances by Joe Walsh, Steven Tyler with his Nashville-based band, Loving Mary, Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell, The Fray, and John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls; powerful, inspirational speakers from all walks of life who have been affected by addiction; and remarks by celebrities, elected officials and other advocates who will join together to change the conversation around, and bring new solutions to, the addiction crisis in America.

Facing Addiction, a new, national organization that will serve as a voice for the over 85 million Americans impacted by addiction, will host the free event on the National Mall in Washington, DC, on Sunday, October 4, 2015. At the rally, Facing Addiction, along with over 450 diverse organizations from around the country, will launch the first-of-its-kind campaign to confront America’s denial about the most urgent health crisis facing our nation today – addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

“Together we must find solutions to the addiction crisis and put a face on the hope that survivors offer,” said health expert and television host Dr. Mehmet Oz, in a PSA released today in support of the event. In addition to Dr. Oz, other notable individuals who have already embraced and endorsed this event include Congresswoman Mary Bono, Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Author & Activist Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Author & TV Host Pat O’Brien, Entrepreneur and Music Producer Russell Simmons, former Major League Baseball Star Darryl Strawberry, Best-Selling Author William Cope Moyers, Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, Former Astronaut Steve Oswald and many more.

“UNITE to Face Addiction will mark the first time our nation will collectively stand up to addiction, a health problem that impacts 1 in 3 households,” said Greg Williams, co-founder of Facing Addiction and a person in long-term recovery. “Twenty-two million Americans are currently suffering from a substance use disorder, and more than 23 million others are living in recovery. When you include the families of the afflicted, addiction impacts over 85 million people – we all know somebody. It’s not ‘those’ people, it’s all of us.”

“When I lost my son, Austin, to addiction, I had no idea this tragedy was happening all over America – and that in our country, a life is lost to addiction every 4 minutes – the equivalent of a jumbo jet falling from the sky every day, with no survivors,” said Jim Hood, co-founder of Facing Addiction. “We know there are solutions to the addiction crisis and it’s time for America to face addiction and exercise the political and social will to act on those solutions.”

Additional performers and special guests will be announced in the coming weeks. To donate to Facing Addiction, you can text FACING to 41444 or visit FacingAddiction.org, where you can also find more information including updates about the UNITE to Face Addiction rally. Please also visit and follow @FacingAddiction and #UNITEtoFaceAddiction on Twitter.


About Facing Addiction

The UNITE to Face Addiction rally is being organized by Facing Addiction Inc., a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to finding solutions to the addiction crisis, as well as an independent coalition of national, state, and local non-profit organizations. For more information, visit FacingAddiction.org.

Media Contact: Dee Donavanik, [email protected], 202.695.8229



  • Justice Through Music!

  • Paula J Doyle

    Pricing for this event is way out of line. if you want this to work you need make it affordable to regular people. doesn’t matter the number of bands, if they believe in the cause they contribute the time. $378 for a ticket? Really?

    • gb

      Hey Paula, the tickets are free for the rally not sure if you saw that. The other I think is VIP

      • Paula J Doyle

        Thanks gb I was very confused. Seems to be story of life these days. Lots of work for us to do and someone needs to do it….. So, when we ask God why don’t you do something, He says I did. I created You. Let’s do this. Thanks again.

    • Paula J Doyle

      massive-the tickets are free. I misunderstood. 12 step propaganda? this is a rally for awareness of the crisis this country is facing. It is real, it is everywhere and it needs to be known. This rally is impressive and overdue.

      • massive

        They are selling tickets for $200 to see the BIG Famous Singers….right ? Yes there is not a crisis. AA and these two hatters are promoting their 1930’s agenda one more time.

        • Paula J Doyle

          for VIP shit, anyone can see the BIG famous singers. AA does not support this financially and FYI AA does work.

          • massive

            AA fails 90-95 % of those that go. It works for those who have already decided they want to stop when they walk in the door .

          • Paula J Doyle

            hate to say that any program will fail if the person is not ready to stop. I know quite a few people in my little circle people who had not or did not want to get sober when they came thru the door and 25 years or so later, wow, they are still there. there is nothing out there that is effective if you don’t want it. there is no magic cure you have to do more than go to a meeting. bet you didn’t. FYI if you went to religious aa meetings you might want to change meetings. I’ve never been to a religious meeting. they are certainly spiritual by nature but not religious by any stretch of the imagination. you can barf now.

          • massive

            AA fails 97 % who go there. Sorry….but those are the facts. Stop court ordering and rehab ordering and all professionals being forced to go there and AA would be 70% smaller right now….oh yea…. and all of us old timers leaving….NA even wrote a new book because they realized that they could not retain the old timers to stay. Much they heard and spoke about was irrelevant .

          • massive

            SO sorry to hear that your son passed. Thats terrible !!!

          • massive

            AA fails for 95 % who go. AA works for 2-5 % who go. Not too good. Time to get to back of the line. 6 other free options are probably a better idea.

        • Jon Runger

          Hey Massive, get off the self centeredness, and join the cure. Sure, there is a price, if you want to rub elbows with the elitists. But for those of us really in the trenches, we give freely of what we have found! I will even buy you a cup of coffee to have the chance to share my testimony to the benefits of being active in any of the 400 12 step programs.

          • massive

            Shall I barf? I had my fill of AA to last me a lifetime +++. Its a antiquated cult like religious wacko self help group that is so dangerous and so ….screwed up in so many ways…infested in our courts and the FAA, our medical research is stopped by steppers talking steps instead of science.

        • Victoria Chaney

          AA is not affiliated with any organization and does not accept outside contributions. We are self supporting

          • massive

            You are so wrong ! Dig deeper…

          • massive

            VIctoria- No I mean ( AA ) is not self supporting . Over 50 % of money sent to NYC comes from non AA members are who are forced to Rehab or treatment. Criminals and sex offemders who are court ordered and plea dealed into AA for real dangerous crimes. Ask NY GS> AA is affiliated with the courts, 95 % of all rehabs, Mass General Hospital in Boston, ( AA got in there in 1944 and has never left. )

            Harvard Medical School, Rutgers, UCLA Addiction studies is immersed in 12 stepper 2 hatters….The FAA, The Board of Nursing , The ASAM, for Doctors , which is a front for AA Doctors who have already got in trouble and now over see and bully other Doctors to join your cult-ish self help groups . LAWYERS Boards. Cops are now even being FORCED, Extored to attend AA. YES IT IS. I did the research. Now you can do it and when they read your preamble/…..50 % of it are lies. open your eyes and ears. Pretend you are a newcomer today….Science may one day accomplish this but it hasn’t done so yet?
            YES IT HAS> That’s a big fat lie too. I too was brainwashed and sat listening to this over and over. And that’s another problem with AA.

        • Pennymac

          I attended and it was free. And no one mentioned AA. What they did mention was the fact that this nation is facing overdoses and addiction related deaths in epic proportions. They mentioned that people won’t seek help because of shame. They didn’t identify themselves as any member of any twelve step group. They said, as I do, “I am an individual in (long term) recovery from addiction.” The “agenda” was to attempt to address the stigma associated with the disease of substance abuse and to end the silence surrounding it; to offer hope to people who think that the addicted are hopeless. They drew attention to the fact that there are just as many people in recovery as there are in active addiction.

          Your “agenda” seems to belittle people who are finding ways to recover in a different way than you.

          • massive

            No its not. What in gods name is LONG TERM RECOVERY ? That is a way to get around AA’s traditions/.AA should stop with their fake anonymity when it suits them. Its doesn’t take 10 -20 30 years to “recover from over drinking or drugging. You quit, your done …you move on. Get over yourselves. When I was in AA years ago nobody used this baby language. Grow up !

          • Pennymac

            Your hostile, immature, and ridiculous response speaks for itself. 🙂

          • massive

            Its a disgrace to come A real Disease like CANCER or Schizophrenia with Over Drinking? It’s NOT a Disease. Ok prove to me it is. Tell me the genetic markers that make it a disease then. Dr Carl Hart from Columbia speak about this at length .



  • John Fabiseski

    I am a recovering addict with 20 months clean I will be attending . We have a bus coming from our tiny town of Tunkhannock here in northeastern Pennsylvania . Over the last 2 years I have watched this epidemic get worse and worse . Over a lifetime I’ve lost far to many people to this disease . I go to stand for them and all of those still suffering ! Enough is enough wake up America . The silence will end !!!!! 10 /4/2015

  • Zac Talbott

    What time do all the festivities officially start on Sunday 10/4?

  • Heidi Samuels

    Is there a contingency date in case of bad weather

    • BWilson

      Heidi, please watch for an announcement on our Facebook page following a 2 p.m. Eastern meeting with the National Parks Service. Thank you!

  • Tysonstom

    Heidi’s ? is valid. A number of events in DC are being cancelled due to rain/flooding. Please make any announcements early and LOUD!

  • Tonia Bryant

    God Bless you all! Will this event be televised? I’ve been in recovery for 2 years thanks to being on a maintenance med. I’ve also had a very hard time trying to find others treatment all over the US. We need more addiction specialists,clinics and aid w the meds like Suboxone. Its helping save lives,mine being one of them…here in the state of Tenn our Governor Haslam refuses to accept federal $$$ for our medicaid program. They’ve sent letters to all patients putting a 24 month lifetime cap on helping w Suboxone. This sickens me to my core! Addicts will relapse,and they will overdose and die. Their deaths should be on the hands of the leaders of these states… Thank you for all that you are doing.

  • MAvent

    Well the event was awesome and more people should learn about addition it affects everyone.