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I am a public policy nerd. I have studied the numbers concerning addiction and recovery. They are astounding and compelling. They jump off the page. The conclusive brain imagery and emerging research evidence is validating.

But I’m sorry to report that intellect and knowledge has not, and will not broadly shift America’s response to addiction to alcohol or other drugs. I sure wish it would, because there are few things in the world of public policy with a better return on investment!

“There are a lot of issues around stigma that I can’t educate you out of. I can give you all the facts. I can read you books. I can show you documentaries. And nothing is going to change that embedded prejudice until you encounter someone in recovery (or impacted by addiction) who means something to you, and hear their story.” – Bill White

I’m so convinced—and convicted—about the power of storytelling. As a public policy nerd, I would love to convince you with numbers and persuasive arguments. But in practice it hasn’t been my white papers that have seen real-world changes take place. It’s been the stories from people on the front lines – innovators, systemic agitators, and activists where I get to see real change take place.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to capture those stories in both The Anonymous People and Generation Found. Family advocacy groups formed. Recovery community centers opened. High school and college recovery support programs started.

Most all the changes that I have had the privilege to witness come from individuals being inspired by others who had the courage to tell the world how they were facing addiction in their community, their state, or their country … out loud.

But we aren’t loud enough yet. We are facing a worsening opiate epidemic and significant potential budget cuts at all levels.

Now more than ever we need to get louder. That is why today Facing Addiction is launching a powerful new platform to tell and amplify your story. You’ll find the platform here.

We would like to hear your story, the story that fires your passion around addiction issues. If you are: an educator, a member of law enforcement, a business leader, stay-at-home parent, a person from a community of faith, an adult child of people with addiction, a family member, best friends, or a person in recovery from a substance use disorder, please submit your story so that we continue to inspire and affect change.

No one else can tell your story. Read our short guidelines list and then start writing. We’ll be waiting to share, because like you, we are “People Facing Addiction”. Click here to begin your submission.

Thanks for telling your story!