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A minute, an hour or a day,
You’ve been gone so long, what’s there to say.

Just to have you back in my arms to hold,
My soul to the devil I would surely have sold.

The doubts that nag at my brain,
Would drive most people insane.

The unanswered questions that run through my head,
Looking for ways to put them to bed.

Your face and memory give me the strength to go on,
So that others may see the coming dawn.

While your body has been taken,
Your spirit has not been forsaken.

My words I speak for others to hear,
Come from the love of you I hold most dear.

I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart,
You give me strength to give others a brand new start.


  • Tonya L. Revilla

    I absolutely love this poem, would love to share, especially for daters day. I feel the same exact way, Thank you for putting it in words. My son passed away on July 1st, 2016 and as his Angelversary approaches so does my sadness, fear, anxiety, depression and my being able to forgive his murderer. I thought I had, but as I help others in active addiction and recovery and go to my grief group at The Salvation army safehouse FSA, families surviving addiction, here in Middletown, OH. One of the hardest hit in the country. We all find ourselves grieve for my son all over again. The one who brought the poison to my son after my son had been clean, again for 4+months, the guy who promised me that he wouldn’t answer any messages, calls, texts,ext.. the same guy who was proven to be the one in many ways, he even admitted to it after denying it. Named by 5 people, phone records show that he was the last one my son had contact with besides me. I said goodnight to my fully alert, happy, eating, and laughing at the t.v. son at 1am the the estimated time of death was 5am the guy will walk because of those 4 unaccounted for hours! We all know, including the detectives that the guy was responsible. However just like everyone here in Ohio unless you actually wittness the buy, the use, and the death you will get out on probation, REPEATEDLY!!! So I’ve promised many mom’s here in Ohio and across the country and other countries that I Will not stop with my petition asking for harsher penalties for heroin dealers and traffickers especially when it ends with death until it is law. I would love to know All of the state’s that already have harsher penalties. I guess that will be my job today. Any way, sorry to rant…. It truly is a beautiful poem.

    • lilbud

      So sorry for your loss Tonya – I just got home from ANOTHER funeral for a 23 yr. old who got lost in addiction – I live in 20 miles west of Cleveland. My heart goes out to this family, and all families who have to bury loved ones because of this awful disease!!

      • Tonya L. Revilla

        I’m so very sorry for your loss. It’s very obvious that I’m not a tweeter. Let me know if I can help you find support or anything at all. So very sad! Again, I’m so sorry

  • MsVickie

    So sorry for your loss. It amazes me how you can go on to help others. You are a good person.

  • lilbud

    What a beautiful poem, and I am so very sorry for your loss!!

  • Thank you for sharing this.