Michael Sprinsky Blog, People Facing Addiction

My name is Mike Sprinsky. I was born and raised in Southie. I’m 37 years old, and I started using heroin at age 15.

All my friends are gone or doing a lot of time for crimes they committed. Heroin changed us. At first, I thought it was heaven, but in the end, it took my soul. I’ve seen that happen to other people firsthand, many times.

The difference is, God took me from the gates of hell and gave me new life. I should be dead. I was given new life by turning a huge tragedy into a triumph. A couple of years ago, a man I grew up with was involved in murdering a child. I’d known him for thirty years, practically my whole life. The little girl’s name was Bella Bond. I testified against my friend in the trial, and it led to his conviction.

I feel like God called on me to be Bella’s voice.The day I put the pieces together and told the truth, I dropped everything. God said, “Do whatever you have to do right now to ensure that little girl gets justice.”

Michael Sprinsky 2I followed those instructions and I’m still in recovery. On September 16, 2017, I will celebrate two years. I’ve come a long way. I was suicidal for years. I’ve been homeless, gone through over 100 detoxes, and spent years in jail. I overcame the impossible. It’s a miracle I’m alive.

Heroin takes and takes until its gets your soul. It got my best friend, but it didn’t get me. That little girl saved me, and I owe her my life. Recovery is beautiful today. If I can do it, anyone can.