Sue MartinMy name is Sue Martin and I am a person in sustained recovery.

I was quietly sober until my son needed treatment for addiction. (Yes, it is a family disease). My son was denied treatment. As a willing patient, he was turned away.

That ended my quiet anonymity. I joined an advocacy group, Recovery Advocacy In Saratoga (RAIS), and found my voice. I have joined with other warriors to share the good news. Recovery is real, recovery is fun, and recovery gives us everything.

I have also become an active advocate to increase access to treatment. We must get healthcare to the people who need it. We must start opening hearts and doors instead of letting providers turn us away. We must change the system so we are admitted and given treatment instead of stabilized and discharged.

If I could change just one law or one requirement, I would destroy the portion of the Controlled Substance Act that limits methadone and other addiction treatments to addiction centers.

We deserve to recover. It is a long struggle that happens one patient and one hospital at a time. But it is a struggle we must win.