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This month’s Partners Facing Addiction post features a youth education prevention group in Maryland, a women’s recovery program in San Francisco, a recovery foundation in Georgia, and a recovery community-based in New Mexico. If you’d like your organization to be considered for an upcoming Partners Facing Addiction post, answer a few short questions here.

Arise & Flourish, Inc.

Arise & FlourishArise & Flourish, Inc. is a group in Montgomery County, Maryland that focuses on bringing education and awareness to young people. Speakers talk directly with students at their schools and focus on the potentially devastating effects of substances. The presenters, who are in recovery, share their personal stories with students.

The non-judgmental, no-lecturing approach has a positive impact on students. In a student survey, students thanked the speakers and described their admiration for their courage. As of May 2018, A&F has visited over 26 Montgomery County public schools. With middle and high schools combined, A&F speakers have addressed over 7000 students. The presentations have been very well received by teachers and students. One of the students wrote:

Thank you for coming here and sharing your story with us. You helped me understand some of the things I did not know about addiction. You were very open and honest with it. It takes courage to go out there and tell your story to lots of people with confidence. You did that so that teens could learn… we are all thankful. And I’m proud of you by being such a strong man and fighting through the addiction and standing in front of us to tell your story. We are all proud of you. Thank you.

By focusing on prevention, A&F encourages young people to avoid substances, and seek help “before it’s too late.” The group is working with other youth and civic organizations, such as GirlsPrep and the Rotary Club, and hopes to share its message with private school students in the future.

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs is dedicated to direct service as a way of improving lives and creating long-term change for people in San Francisco. Recognizing the need for women-specific treatment options, Ohlhoff Recovery Programs launched a new women’s residential program in November 2016. There are very few substance abuse programs for women in San Francisco, and even fewer offer residential support, psychiatric care, and medication management. The program accepts most major healthcare insurance plans.

Ohlhoff Women’s Residential Program is a truly unique endeavor in the area; women benefit from the existing treatment structure and renowned services at Ohlhoff, while attending to women-sensitive issues, such as addressing abusive and violent relationships, women’s health, and implementing Seeking Safety therapy for PTSD and substance abuse. With its two-track option, the program successfully reaches women at multiple stages of recovery and provides long-term care up to three months.

As Ohlhoff can now offer a safe and structured living environment for women seeking treatment. It’s succeeding: 10% more women were treated in 2017 than in 2016.

Ohlhoff is planning its 60th Anniversary Celebration for later this year. The recovery community event will include alumni speakers, musicians, food, games, and historic campus tours.

The event will reconnect alumni, family and friends, and San Francisco’s recovery community. The organization’s 60 years of addiction treatment has positively impacted the community, in many ways. Commitment to sobriety has allowed individuals to become better fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, employees, and community members, which means that many people have benefited from the hard work of the men and women who go through our programs.

The celebration will show the overwhelming community of support for those new to sobriety and those in long-term recovery. It’s also an opportunity to just have some fun in recovery!

Davis Direction Foundation, Inc. – THE ZONE

Davis DirectDavis Direction Foundation strives to lift the stigma of opioid use disorder. It primarily emphasizes prevention as the optimal solution to addiction. The Foundation invests in efforts that “address the disease of opioid/heroin Addiction as one of the most severe forms of addiction.” The group provides direct assistance and services to individuals, family members, or others at risk of experiencing an opioid related overdose. To support people in recovery, Davis Direction Foundation provides a safe place for all people to seek, maintain, support and enjoy long-term recovery free from substance use disorder: The Zone.

The Zone is a safe haven of acceptance for anyone in any stage of recovery. It’s “at the corner of addiction and recovery,” in Marietta, Georgia. The Zone provides a safe place for all people to seek, maintain, support and enjoy long-term recovery free from substance use disorder.

Davis Direction Foundation supports The Zone and other recovery efforts, including a Republican toolkit to help others learn to embrace and educate the community in order to reduce stigma and support recovery. “We believe that we must make heroin a public conversation in order to make a difference. We believe that legislative changes need to be made regarding opioid/heroin addiction.”

Davis Direction Foundation shares workshops and conferences to support people seeking to build recovery efforts in their own communities. They have been named a local, state and National model of “Building Communities of Recovery.” Their well-attended presentations take place all over Georgia. The Foundation’s conferences focus on community outreach, education, and recovery support—and how to duplicate its successes in communities everywhere.

Recovery Communities of New Mexico

Celebration, healthy initiatives, and empowering recovery advocates: that’s what Recovery Communities of New Mexico is all about. To honor Recovery Month this September, the group is coordinating recovery related throughout New Mexico. To attend, participate, or get involved, please use the contact emails listed by each event:

August 31

SF Overdose Memorial

Contact: Tom Starke or Jennifer Mascarenas

September 7

Hozho – Gallup

Contact: Noreen Kelly

September 8

Participate in the State Fair Parade

September 10

Senior Day/Health & Wellness/Recovery Day at the New Mexico State Fair

September 15

Barrios Unidos – Chimayo Rally for Recovery

Contact: Lupe Salazar

September 19

Inside Out Recovery Taos – Recovery Friendly Taos

Contact: Lawrence Medina

September 22

Roswell – LC-5 – Healthy Choices

Recovery Santa Fe – Rally for Recovery – Railyard Park

Contact: Tom Starke or Chris Wendel

Las Cruces – Recovery Night Out, With Kevin Hines

Contact: Mari or Sandra White

Silver City – Grant County

Contact: Susie Trujillo and James Helgert

September 27

Albuquerque Celebrates Recovery III – Civic Plaza

Contact: Jen Weiss or Adan Carriaga

September 29

Eight Northern Pueblos/Recovery Day Celebrations

Hosted by Pojoaque Pueblo, this event will include eight northern pueblos and all communities

Contact: Jennifer Mascarenas or Rafaela Sanchez

For more information, or updates on other New Mexico recovery events, contact Natalie Rivera.

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