Missing My Daughter And Loving My Son

"My baby girl had passed away June 9."

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"I want to be a support for others who have lost loved ones due to this disease."

On June 9, 2018 my first born was taken from us by heroin.

MartiMartiana, who we called “Marti,” was 25 years old. She was the mother of an 8-year old little boy. She had been in recovery for 6-1/2 months, while she was incarcerated.

When she came home after serving her sentence, she was the daughter I knew before she started using heroin. Her genuine laugh was infectious, and she had a smile that could light up the world. She seemed content to be home with us.

However, just one month later, Martiana used heroin again. She came home the next day and was very honest about what she had done. We told her we understood. We said we were very proud of her regardless, and we would work through this.

She left again the following evening and didn’t return the next day. I started having one of my “bad feelings” and I could not feel her anymore. I did not want to upset everyone, as Marti had done this before. The following Tuesday, after I had heard nothing from Marti for 72 hours, we filed a missing persons report.

I left for work and not 20 minutes later, my husband answered the knock at the door. It would forever change our lives.

My baby girl had passed away June 9.

I am not sure if I have fully accepted her being gone. There is a open police investigation into the man who made the call to 911. None of his statement made sense; however, they have not gotten her autopsy results back yet.

I know that people can overcome addiction with the love and support of others. There is another factor to my story: my youngest my only son is in recovery from heroin addiction, too. He has been in remission for nine months. He’s working and living the life a 20-year-old young man should.

There is recovery after addiction. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. I am actively involved with a few different groups to help end the stigma, educate others, and be a positive influence on those in recovery. I want to be a support for others who have lost loved ones due to this disease.

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