Partners of the Month – November 2018

This month’s Partners Facing Addiction post features a digital recovery program based in New Mexico and a recovery foundation in Indiana.

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This month’s Partners Facing Addiction post features a digital recovery program based in New Mexico and a recovery foundation in Indiana. If you’d like your organization to be considered for an upcoming Partners Facing Addiction post, answer a few short questions here.

CheckUp & Choices

CheckUp & Choices is a unique, digital recovery program that offers individuals and organizations resources for self directed recovery. With program modules that focus on alcohol, marijuana, opioids, and stimulants, CheckUp & Choices helps people decide if their substance use is a problem—then provides guidance for getting healthy. The service is confidential and designed to complement professional treatment or other support.

CheckUp & Choices  is a pioneer and leader in the field of digital therapeutics—the use of digital health programs and tools to effect behavior change. Co-founded in 2015 by Reid K Hester, Ph.D., CheckUp & Choices develops, tests, implements, and disseminates digital programs that help individuals and organizations realize their potential by reducing alcohol and drug problems. The program uses evidence-based practices and self-guided therapy to change substance use patterns. It is based on motivational and cognitive behavioral interventions that have been validated in six randomized clinical trials funded by over $4.8 million in competitive grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The CheckUp & Choices program has been used by thousands of people who want to address their substance use behavior. Because the program is digital, it can provide verifiable health benefits to users in a convenient and accessible format. Under Dr. Hester’s continued guidance and a team of world-class clinical experts, CheckUp & Choices continues to optimize its existing digital programs while also conducting new research to maximize impact, and so help more of the millions of Americans struggling with substance use.

The program will add a new feature: CheckIn, which is a brief follow up to the initial digital intervention (CheckUp). This feature is designed to allow users to measure their behavior change over time and better understand their progress toward reducing or eliminating their substance use. Additionally, this will allow CheckUp & Choices’ partner organizations to measure real-world outcomes at the population level.  

As recovery moves more fully into the digital space, organizations that offer a web-based or app-based solution are filling the gap to reach users anytime, anywhere they need support.

Next Step Foundation

Next Step Foundation is a a faith-based recovery community in Terre Haute, Indiana. The foundation supports community resources, residential recovery treatment, outpatient programs, mentoring, recovery support for people exiting the criminal justice system, and educational services. Most recently, Next Step assisted in opening the Wabash Valley Recovery Center. The Wabash Valley Recovery Center is a peer-led organization that utilizes peer based recovery support services (PBRSS) to assist people in active addiction or those seeking to enhance their recovery. The center also offers resources for the family members of those struggling with substance use disorder.

The Wabash Valley Recovery Center serves as a resource hub for any and all treatment and recovery options in the Terra Haute community. Staff and volunteer peer coaches/specialists are available daily to help navigate support options. Services are free to anyone, and no appointment is needed. The WVRC is also home to a variety of meetings that support all pathways to recovery, social events, and community outreach to help reduce stigma. The center offers job skills training, free HIV/Hep C testing, Narcan training and distribution, and hopes to start a syringe service program.

In October, Next Step hosted the Facing Addiction with NCADD’s Communities Project. Forty-five people attended the initial training. Twenty-five attended the follow up-training two weeks later. The Wabash County prosecutor was in attendance and supported establishing an inpatient treatment facility as a great alternative to the “mega-jail” the county is currently pushing for. A group that includes others from various treatment organizations and other agencies have formed a committee to have a written plan within 90 days to create an inpatient facility.

Partnering with criminal justice groups, parents and families, and other recovery organizations creates life changing support for people with substance use disorder. Next Step, which is comprised of people in recovery, is a vital resource for those who need help in the Terre Haute area.

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