Facing Addiction is bringing together the best resources in the field to reduce the human and social costs of addiction, every year, until this public health crisis is eliminated. Our collection of resources is always expanding- take some time to explore some of what we have to offer:

Facing Addiction Blog– A constantly updated cross-section of interviews, news, and other updates.

The Addiction Resource Hub – Powerful data mapping technology of all addiction resources throughout the country.

LISTEN PSA Campaign– a PSA campaign adding new dimensions the national conversation about drug and alcohol addiction.

The ADDICTIONary – The ADDICTIONary is a comprehensive glossary of key terms concerning addiction and recovery.

Prevention Forum Guide -This guide may be used by any community organization that wants to raise awareness of, and work toward implementing, these practices to address substance use issues and prevent addiction.

Recovery Housing Briefing – A Congressional briefing on the efficacy and necessity of recovery housing.