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The words we choose that have a lasting impact.

Language binds us together. In matters both personal and professional, it is the words we choose that have a lasting impact and effect on our impressions of ourselves and others.

Facing Addiction has partnered with the Recovery Research Institute (RRI) to help develop and amplify RRI’s resource tool, the ADDICTIONary. The ADDICTIONary is a comprehensive glossary of key terms, some well known and others not, concerning addiction and recovery.

You can access the ADDICTIONary here

As severe medical conditions are concerned, substance use disorders are one of the most misunderstood and mischaracterized health problems in society. With more people losing their lives annually from overdoses than car crashes the time is now to unify behind a common language of accepted terminology and definitions. By using a unified terminology we can discuss substance use and substance use disorders, and strike from our vocabulary any terms that are unsuitable and stigmatizing for all who are struggling with addiction, whether individuals, families, or communities.

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