Who We Are

Facing Addiction Inc. is a national non-profit organization dedicated to finding solutions to the addiction crisis by unifying the voice of the over 45 million Americans and their families directly impacted by addiction.


Bring together the best resources in the field in order to reduce the human and social costs of addiction, every year, until this public health crisis is eliminated.


  • Build a national constituency to give the millions affected by addiction a voice
  • “Rebrand addiction” to create the understanding, empathy, outrage and demand urgently needed to advance solutions
  • Increase access to effective prevention, treatment and recovery programs
  • Translate scientific innovation into useful tools and services
  • Advocate for governments to implement evidence-based policies and regulatory practices to end addiction
  • Widely share the proof of long-term recovery

Board of Directors

  • John Silverman, Chairman: Owner, SilverSEAL Corporation – New York, NY
  • Todd Hollander, Vice Chairman: Private Investor – New York, NY
  • Joseph J. Fifer, Treasurer: President & CEO, Health Finance Management Association – Chicago, IL
  • Hal Hathaway, Secretary: Senior Lease Consultant, Thornhill Properties, Inc. – Baltimore, MD
  • Robin Kiam Aviv: Non-Profit Advisor – New York, NY
  • Theo Spencer:  Senior Policy Advocate, Natural Resources Defense Council – New York, NY
  • Darryl Strawberry: President & CEO of Strawberry Ministries – Orlando, FL 

  • Janet Zagorin: Client Services Officer, Sidley Austin LLP – New York, NY
  • Walton Goldring:  Recovery activist and member of Goldring Foundation – New Orleans, LA
  • Mara Sandler: Co-Founder, Diamondocity.com – New York, NY
  • Dawn Stone Crouch: Non-Profit Advisor – Austin, TX
  • Dave Brubaker: Founder, Coby Cares Foundation – Los Angeles, CA

Facing Addiction Staff

  • Jim Hood: Co-Founder & CEO
  • Greg Williams: Co-Founder & Executive Vice President
  • Christian Quilici: Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
  • Beth Wilson: Director of Digital Content
  • Michael King: Director of Outreach & Engagement
  • Ivana Grahovac: Director of Advancement
  • Laszlo Jaress: Operations Manager
  • Aisha Waheed: Office Manager
  • Aaron Kucharski: Grassroots Coordinator
  • Dave Noble: Addiction Recovery Appointments Project Coordinator
  • Ryan Hampton: Social Outreach and Recovery Advocate
  • Garrett Hade: Outreach Coordinator-Los Angeles
  • Chris Gero: Executive Producer
  • Jon McCulley: Operations Support

Facing Addiction Advisory Committee

  • Susan Broderick: Director of National Juvenile Justice Prosecution Center at Georgetown University
  • Justin Cohen: Founder of RecoveryAid
  • Thomas Cook: Senior Managing Partner & CEO of Thomas Cook & Associates
  • Don Fertman: Chief Development Officer of Subway World Headquarters
  • Carol McDaid: Principal of Capital Decisions, Inc.
  • Stacia Murphy: Former NCADD President & Faith Leader
  • Justin Luke Riley: President & CEO of Young People In Recovery
  • Tym Rourke: Director of SUD Grantmaking for New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  • Terry Meyerhoff Rubenstein, Secretary: Director, Meyerhoff Family Office – Baltimore, MD
  • Dr. Kima Taylor:  Substance use program consultant and former OSI staff member – Baltimore, MD

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